Is Massage Beneficial for PTSD?

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 3.53.03 PMThere is no simple answer to this question because each individual experiences PTSD differently so the massage therapist’s approach must be very flexible and possibly supervised.

Here are some of the more common symptoms of PTSD:
The National Center for PTSD states there are four types of symptoms.

1.    Reliving the traumatic event
– Caused by a ‘trigger’ (a sound, sight or smell)


2.    Avoidance of environments that may remind the individual of the event
Avoid talking or thinking about it
Avoid people or places that are reminders of what happened

3.    Hyper arousal
Feeling jittery
Easily become irritated or angry
Easily startled

4.    Negative changes in feelings and beliefs
Difficulty maintaining personal or professional relationships
Dissociation from the event
Feelings of guilt, shame, unworthiness, humiliation
Feeling out of control

Knowing about the symptoms is merely a starting place. As massage therapists, we must learn how to help effectively so the client feels safe and trusts us. Work with another clinician to gain insight into PTSD and mentorship.

Six ways massage can help:
1. Gentle touch can give the client a more positive sense of self
2. Stress relief; decreased anxiety/worry
3. Creates a place of safety for the client
4. Decreases physical pain and tension
5. Gives the client control
6. Improves breathing and sleeping patterns

As long as the client knows he/she can stop the session at any time and as long as the therapist works slowly and gently after a thorough intake, massage has been shown to greatly improve the symptoms of PTSD, when used in conjunction with professional help from a doctor and counselor. Perhaps you know someone with PTSD who could benefit from massage.

Mud wraps are ready at Body Dialog Massage!

Scrubs and Wraps

Four ways a wrap can improve your health and well-being.

  • Mud or clay wraps are wonderful tools for a gentle detox.
  • They produce a powerful anti-inflammatory response in the body, especially beneficial for arthritis, psoriasis and stress.
  • When your body is safely cocooned in a wrap for 10-20 minutes it is deeply relaxing and nurturing.
  • Couple the effects of a wrap with the healing properties of the oils mentioned below and you understand why these body treatments are so popular.

I have finalized four wonderful aromas for my mud wraps and I’ve priced them so you will want to try each one over the course of the year.

Frankincense: Long known for its use in sacred ceremony, it has a physical ability to slow down and deepen the breath, which creates the perfect condition for relaxation, prayer and meditation. Use it for infections of the lungs and asthma. Frankincense is also a skin tonic so it tightens older skin.

Rose: Unparalleled in its aphrodisiac properties rose oil is most widely used for female reproductive or sexual dysfunction. It is cleansing, purifying and a tonic making it invaluable for dry, sensitive or ageing skin as well as an antidepressant.

Sweet Grass: Also known as Holy Grass, is one of the most powerful ways to ‘clear’ a space. As such it can remove old, outdated perceptions and welcome in new ideas. Burned in Native American rituals and ceremonies, it was once used in churches in Europe, strewn at the entrance.

White Sage: This oil is good for whatever ails you! Anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and antiseptic, white sage is also renowned for it’s energetic properties of expansion, grounding, meditation, purification and transformation.


75-minute scrub $100.00
90-minute scrub $120.00

75-minute wrap $115.00
90-minute wrap $140.00

If you book three scrubs or three wraps within a three-month time frame, you receive a $30 introductory discount.

When you call to book, remember that you will want to wear comfortable, casual clothes and go straight home from my studio.