Scrubs and Wraps


Aromatic Scalp Massage – Additional 15 minutes for $20.00  

Do you love scalp and face massage? Then Aromatic Head Massage is for you. This seated massage focuses on the shoulders, neck, face and scalp. It originated in India (as part of the Ayurvedic health system) where it is widely practiced both among family members in the home and also as a street vendor type of service. Aromatic essential oils are masssaged deeply into the scalp and hair, stimulating the scalp and encouraging hair renewal. One of the techniques, known as “champing”, reportedly gave rise to the term shampoo. For those of us who find it difficult to turn off our internal chatter, this therapy is profoundly relaxing. Aromatic oils are massaged deeply into the scalp and hair, stimulating the scalp and encouraging hair renewal.

Tuning Forks Sound Therapy – Add to any massage without an upcharge; no extra time unless requested.

Full tuning fork sessions also available. Enjoy beautiful healing harmonies. I work with several sets of tuning forks that deliver extremely specific frequencies and create pure musical intervals. Tuning forks are in fact, musical instruments. Your nervous system realigns itself to the sound of the tuning fork. Each sound interval has different properties and relates to a different state of consciousness so each tuning fork affects your system in a different way. Some of the forks are ‘body tuners’ that are applied directly to any part of the body; sometimes I may use the chakra system as my placement guide, sometimes the meridian system of acupressure points and sometimes your bodys’ own pattern of trigger points. Since we humans are about 70% water and sound travels four times faster through water, the sound waves travel deeply into the body affecting every cell. With massage and tuning forks I can introduce you to those intervals that are best for your healing and well-being at the time and produce a lasting therapeutic effect.

Aromatherapy – Add to any massage for $10.00

Use of plant-derived essential oils is an option with any of the techniques I use. These oils have many distinct chemical properties and also different actions on the psyche. Their delightful aromas are useful for a host of physical and emotional conditions or we may decide to use an oil simply because you like the aroma. “Our sense of smell is one of our strongest senses, triggering deep memories and emotions. Aromatherapy has been called one of the fastest attitude adjustments on the planet!” See Rosemary’s blogs – Aromatherapy for Your Body Part One and Aromatherapy for Your Body Part Two for more detailed information.

Hands and Feet – Additional 30 minutes for $40.00

Nothing compares to extra time purely dedicated to your hands and feet! Body butter and hot towels make this extra a must.


Hot Stones – Add to any massage for $15.00

Experience the ultimate in therapeutic relaxation! Enjoy a relaxing Swedish or therapeutic massage enhanced with hot rocks. The addition of warmed basalt stones will help your bodyintegrate the massage session. Let your tired muscles loosen and finally allow your body to sink into deep relaxation like never before. Much healthier than a heating pad, your body absorbs heat from the stones while the weight of the rocks calms and comforts. Take a break…return to your day peaceful and refreshed.

Warm Facial Massage – Additional 15 minutes for $20.00

For those who love to have extra time and attention to their face. Hot towels relax facial muscles (frowning, tight jaw etc.) and gently lift debris. Detailed massage with a light touch of unscented, natural lotion will leave you smiling.