Aromatic Head Massage really helps with headaches!

You may have read my blog last month about tips to stay clear of headaches. So many people suffer from headaches, which are often due to tension or anxiety and they may not

know how much massage can help. 40-50% of all headaches fall into this ‘tension’ category.
Here’s the skinny on a massage modality I am proficient in that will give you pain relief and a good night’s sleep.
Aromatic head massage is an ancient form of massage that originates in India where it is widely practiced. How can it help?

  • Entire focus is on the head, neck and shoulders where you need it most.
  • Techniques are designed to relax the large and small muscles. Releases trapped energy.
  • Allows your face to loosen so you are no longer clenching your jaw or frowning. Are you frowning right now?
  • Makes room for a flexible, positive mindset so you stress less and deal with tension better.
  • Relief from sinus pressure.
  • Your focus shifts to deeper, calmer breathing.
  • You will think more clearly as your mind stops obsessive repetition allowing you to find answers and solutions.
  • Creates opportunities to release pent up negative feelings and thoughts.
  • Better posture and better sleep!
  • Relief from eyestrain.
  • You don’t have to undress to be treated. Aromatic Head Massage is usually done seated and clothed.
  • Increased ability to express yourself more freely and spontaneously, through loosening your neck, the avenue of communication.

As an added benefit, your hair is massaged with essential oils good for beautiful hair; growth of the hair itself is stimulated.
Aromatic head massage often includes hot towels for the face, neck and shoulders to further reduce muscle tension and relax the whole body.
Oh my gosh, what are you waiting for? Aromatic Head Massage is available in 45-minute or 60-minute treatments, or as a 15-minute add-on to your massage, so schedule some time to refresh and renew right away.

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